Taylor Swift, except wait a minute, this isn't a country-pop crossover sensation idolized by millions, this is a writhing mound of snakes wearing very nice clothes and sipping bottled water through a straw except that's not even a straw it's just another snake with its dainty tail resting in the cool waters of this snake-infested pond anyway now that you're here, you can have all of these snakes.


Jake’s asks are the closest thing the world will get to really cute Lovecraftian horror

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absolutely incredible 

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BADBADNOTGOOD - Can't Leave The Night


BADBADNOTGOOD — Can’t Leave The Night

III (2014)


Iceland by 

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making friends with our new neighbors

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LJN: 1984 DUNE Action Figure FEYD RAUTHA

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elvis depressedly - thinning out